This personal workshop consists of a small group of not more than 12 persons per class. This group will commit to learning and growing together for a min of 6 SESSIONS over 4 evenings and 2 weekend days. The objective is for the attendee to learn about the IOPT theory in a more in-depth manner by supporting one another in each other’s exploration process and most importantly coming into close contact with oneself through these weeks of friendship, growth and interaction. Through a small group setting, it is easier for every individual to go into deep contact with self through new friendships and trust built in the group.
Total number of hours : 27 hours per Intensive workshop
Who is it for?
  • Those who are interested to either attend and learn and grow or
  • Those who are interested in going through facilitators’ training workshops of IOPT Exploration works based on Prof. Franz Ruppert’s Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Practice.
How would you benefit from it?
  • Find out what has happened to you when you were a child?
  • What are the root traumas behind the symptoms?
  • Whose life are you living? What are the different identities you have taken on after you were traumatized?
  • Strengthen your healthy structures to self-regulate your reactions, emotions and thoughts
  • What happened to your pre-traumatised “I”
  • Find out “WHO AM “I” and “WHAT DO I WANT?”

Upcoming workshop- Commences on the 24 February 2016
– every Wednesday of the week
– dates will be confirmed on the first session

For more details on this IOPT Exploration Intensive contact

ASIA’S FIRST…. Facilitators' Training workshops based on Identity oriented PSYCHOtrauma theory (level 2)
This training consists of 5x 2 days weekend training workshops and 4x 2 days supervision workshops spread out in two years with a group of not more than 20 members. This group will commit to learning and growing and practising together the method by Prof. Franz Ruppert strongly supported by his IOPT theory. In a time span of 6 months, members will be learning the IOPT theory as well as the method of Self Encounter by the Sentence of Intention. Focus is also on every individual’s sessions of exploring one’s own life.
2x of the supervision workshops will be facilitated by Christine Foong-Wong in Singapore and 2x by Professor Franz Ruppert in Munich – the founder and creator of Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory and its method. It will commence in 2017.
  • Must have completed/ concurrently completing 3 rounds of IOPT Exploration Intensive and have done own explorations
  • Observed in 28 days of public workshops
  • Those who are wanting to learn more about and explore your own unconscious psyches through your Sentence of Intention
  • Priority given to social workers, psychologists, counsellors, health care professionals, helpers, mental health caretakers, teachers, parents and anyone working with children, teenagers, patients and seniors
Who is it for?
  • Those who are interested to learn about Prof. Franz Ruppert’s Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Practise in depth.
  • Those who are interested to become facilitator and support others in exploring their Sentence of Intention.
  • Those who wants a deeper understanding of childhood bonding psychological traumas to further support you in your social or professional works.

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