Premiere Screening of IN UTERO in Asia by System of the Heart Community
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A successful screening event on the 8 Oct 2016
The woman behind
Trauma informed works in Asia
Christine Foong - Wong
Founder of System of the Heart Community

Co-Founder of Rhemaworks

Pioneer of Trauma workshops and training in Singapore and Asia

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What's Next
21 Aug 2016
Harrison Assessment Profiler AccreditationTraining
by Christine Foong-Wong and HRnet One Consulting Pte Ltd
Rhemaworks conducted its first Harrison Assessment Accredited Profilers' training in partnership with HRnet One. We are proud to present our first batch of Identity Theory informed Certified Profilers who can provide career coaching.
9 Oct 2016
Graduation of Identity workshops 10th Intake - based on Franz Ruppert's Trauma Theory
by Christine Foong-Wong
Rhemaworks is proud to present its 10th Intake of Identity Workshop training. Another workshop that creates awareness and learnings on the Identity fragmentation due to psychological trauma and how it affects every area of our lives.
8 Oct 2016
Premiere Screening of In Utero in Singapore & Asia
by System of the Heart Community
System of the Heart hosted the premiere screening in Singapore on the 8 October 2016 and it was an awesome experience with a group of more than 180 attendees learning from 12 experts featuring that life starts before birth. It is a groundbreaking film that shows us "who we are, why are we who we are and why we cannot be who we want to be" and the effects from early trauma.
28 June 2016
Exclusive Interviews with Prof. Franz Ruppert
by Christine Foong - Wong
Subscribe to my Youtube channel for a series of practical learning topics that concerns us in our everyday lives. Access exclusive interviews with Prof Franz Ruppert on topics based on his Identity Theory.
Harrison Assessment Profiler AccreditationTraining
HA training Image.001
Rhemaworks' first Harrison Assessment Profilers Accreditation Training. A powerful tool that supports every individual to be able to interpret and provide coaching in the areas of career advancement, career development, team building, Management training.
It provides every individual with great clarity on one's innate preference for tasks and roles for optimum career suitability and productivity.

Date: December 2016 ( TBC )
Kindly email : christine.foongwong@systemoftheheart.com for the next date.

9 keys to a Successful career and how Harrison Assessment can support you
This short 3 hour session will bring you through an eye opening learning experience to discover what may be unconsciously affecting your career advancement and how you may be sabotaging your own career without knowing it. You will be taught to identity signs of internal blocks towards achieving success at work.
Who should attend: all working professionals and personnels who wants to transform their career and those who are searching for clear career directions.

Date : 5 Nov 2016
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Civil Service Club @ Tessensohn Road

Identity Workshop by Vivian Broughton - Identity and Health
Come and join us for another weekend of deep learning for your own growth and personal development. Understand what's behind the various physical symptoms and how how can early or childhood trauma affect the body. Delivered by Vivian Broughton, UK "LIVE" in Singapore.

Evening Lecture:
Date: 11 November 2016, Friday evening
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

1 day workshop
Date: 12 Nov 2016, Saturday
Time: 10am - 7pm

Venue for both events are at 190 Keng Lee Road.

Professor Franz Ruppert in Singapore 17 & 18 June 2017
Date: 17 & 18 June 2017
Time: 10am - 7pm

Date: 17 June 2017
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Professor Franz Ruppert from Munich is an early pioneer of trauma works in Europe. His research started 20 years ago and with his experience still as a lecturer and a psychotherapist, he is able to integrate these two areas and founded Identity Theory that is based on the traumatisation of identity. He wrote 4 books with his 5th one coming out all translated to English about trauma and its effects in various areas of our lives. He has a heart for Asia and has started a first training right here in Asia with Christine Foong-Wong. Book your date now to meet Professor Franz in person!

Asia’s 1st professional training workshop based on Professor Franz Ruppert's Identity Theory
Asia’s 1st Professional Facilitators' Training based on Professor Franz Ruppert's Identity Theory and Therapy. Facilitated by Christine Foong-Wong, Professor Franz Ruppert and invited teachers from Europe who are practitioners of this works. You will immerse in the theory of Childhood Bonding Psychotrauma theory and application of the Identity therapy method through the sentence of Intention.
There are altogether level 1 & 2 of training modules. Level 2 includes going to classes in Munich.
About The Founder

Introducing Christine Foong - Wong

Christine is a seasoned trainer, life & relationship coach and therapist for the past 12 years. She is a dynamic lady, passionate about transformational trainings and psychotherapies. Christine has been training and coaching close to 30,000 adults. Her target audience ranges from CEOs to Employees for career coaching, team building & motivational trainings, Entrepreneurs for Business coaching, Couples for relationship coaching as well as individuals for life coaching and therapy sessions.

Her warm and open personality as well as her relatable nature has allowed her clients to fall in love with her passion as well as her ability to powerfully communicate the learnings into their lives.

Most importantly, everyone walks out of her training with a major paradigm shift in their lives – they achieve REAL & PERMANENT results within a SHORTER time in the areas that matters to them most.
She strongly believes in “Everything that is happening in our lives are created by us” and the only way to change the results in our lives is to first shift in our own inner world that includes our mindsets, beliefs and emotional state. She travels the world to learn the most cutting edge processes that is safe, effective and mainstream to safely support us in deep self-discovery and realisations. She also invites the best of the best in this field to come and teach in Singapore.

She has dedicated her life in transforming one life at a time in Singapore and Asia and awakening the hidden true potentials in every life.


Rhemaworks was founded in 2004 with the intention of transforming the mindset of adults from all walks of life. It started off with providing strong career coaching, corporate team coaching and individual life coaching services.
In 2010, there was a major shift to providing trainings and workshops in the areas of the subconscious and emotional trainings for individuals.
in 2013 there was a major shift after she met Professor Franz Ruppert and experienced his works, she went on to focusing on trauma studies, training and workshops based on Prof. Franz Ruppert’s theoretical framework : Multigenerational PsychoTraumatology. Franz Ruppert’s website
Christine founded System of the Heart programs based on Multigenerational PsychoTraumatology  – to encompass learnings and real life experiences for everyone to come into close contact with their healthy identities.
System of the Heart’s Facebook Page– feel free to like this page for more information and latest articles related to psychological trauma and its effects on our day to day lives.
2014, she started her series of interviews with Prof Franz on very basic topics close to our hearts and has an impact on our day to day lives. Christine Foon Wong’s Youtube Channel – please feel free to subscribe to this channel for all interviews and future interviews.
2015 she hosted Professor Franz Ruppert for the 1st time in Singapore and started Asia’s 1st Advanced training in Psychotrauma therapy works taught and facilitated by Prof. Franz Ruppert, Marta Thorsheim and herself. for more information on this:
There has never been a better time than now to focus on trauma in all the various emotional, mental and physical stressed out states and symptoms (based on an increase in depression cases on a national level). It is time to explore a different method if you have exhausted the traditional mainstream methods in treatment and diagnosis and would like to have a different perspective that is able to support you to look at yourself as a whole entity, as a whole person instead of working on your issues based the reduction method – reducing the symptom to an illness labeled by the medical professionals.
So little and / or no emphasis on psychological trauma is being made in relation to all the mentioned symptoms and states – it is alarming to see many who came forward to seek help are unaware that they are enslaved to the very system and solution everyone believes in without much shifts and improvements in the overall health condition.
Are you ready to be curious to explore a different method and solution for your condition and symptoms?
Are you ready to be learning a whole new level of developing a relationship with yourself like never before?
Are you ready to be amazed at how little you know about yourself and rediscovering your inner potentials never before revealed?
Let the journey begin!